Shaft linear system    
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Shaft linear system


description Units of linear ball bearings with Precision Steel Shafts



Linear units with Shaft




- SLS -






Linear ball bearing units, with Precision Steel Shafts and supports

Linear systems SLS are composed with high precision linear shaft with heat treatment for surface hardening ATR / ATRC, from one or more united sliding support (SMA) or linear ball bearing (KB) and two end support blocks of aluminium (SK / SHF).


Example order code: SLS-ATRC-25-800-2SMA-2SK

SLS-ATRC - 25 - 800 - 2 SMA - 2 SK          
- type of linear Shaft                       - 2 Number of External Support      
ATRC                        - SK support    
ATR                          - SHF flanged support    
- diameter of the shaft linear                       Linear Unit      
- 25 mm                       - 2 Number of blocks or bearings      
                        - KH    
                        - SMA    
total lengths of linear shaft                       - SMA  __ L    
- 800 mm                       - SMA __ AJ    
                        - SMA __ S    
                        - KB    
                        - KB __ L    
                        - KB __ M    
                        - SS KB __    
                        - SB __    
                        - KBF    
                        - KBF __ L    
                        - KBK    
                        - KBK __ L    



- SLW -




Units of linear ball bearings, with precision bar and aluminium support.

Linear Units with bar-support profile, are constituted by one or more support units complete with linear ball bearing and a steel shaft support.

The precision shaft for linear sliding, has surface hardening heat treatment (ATR).
The bar has mounting holes in the bottom, it is fixed on the support profile aluminium with screws from the underside.


Example order code: SLW-ATR-25-500-2SBR-2SK

SLW-ATR - 25 - 500 - 2 SBR    
- type of linear Shaft                
Linear shaft SLW-ATR                
- diameter of the shaft linear                       Linear Unit      
- 25 mm                       - 2 Number of blocks or bearings      
                        - KB__G-UU-OP    
                        - SBR__    
total lengths of linear shaft                       - SBR__L    
- 500 mm                       - TBR__    


SLS and SLW systems are simple to assemble and fixed.

They provide excellent linearity, precision and smoothness.

SLS SLW systems are often used together with screws and nuts trapezoidal profile TPN for handling and lifting.
Can also be used with precision ball screws for placements.







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