Alpha Dual Optibelt Polyurethane Double Timing Belts, Metric series    
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DT5 Optibelt ALPHA Dual Polyurethane Timing Belts Metric series
DT10 Optibelt ALPHA Dual Polyurethane Timing Belts Metric series


Polyurethane Double Timing Belts Optibelt Alpha
description Polyurethane Double Timing Belts

 Metric series

Optibelt Alpha Dual




The Optibelt ALPHA is extremely abrasion-resistant oil resistance is a standard feature as well as some resistance to acids and alkaline solutions. Low stretch steel tension cords with high reverse bending strength are used.

• Timing and double timing belts
• Imperial and metric profiles
• Economic drive
• High level of resistance to teeth shearing
• Resistant to aggressive chemicals
• Can be used with pulleys to ISO 5296

Standard belt widths and lengths

Profile DT5

t pitch = 5 (mm)

hs = 3.4 (mm)

ht = 1.2 (mm)

s = 2.65 (mm)


Profile DT10

t pitch = 10 (mm)

hs1 = 7 (mm)

ht = 2.5 (mm)

s = 5.3 (mm)


Pitch e Length

Belts Code

DT5 - DT10

The code of the timing belt is composed of 3 parameters:
  1. The Pitch ( distance between two teeth )
  2. the length ( belt length mm)
  3. The belt width in mm

Example code:

optibelt ALPHA Polyurethane Double Timing Belts Metric  T10-600-20

optibelt ALPHA Polyurethane Double Timing Belts Metric = type of belt.

DT10 = The pitch is 10 mm

600 = Belt length 600 mm

20 =  belt width is 20 mm

Steel cords standard

- Aramid cord on request


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