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Reducers Worm


Worm gearboxes CHM shaped square

Housing in cast aluminium

Sizes: 025 - 030 - 040 - 050 - 063 - 075 090 - 110 - 130
Ratios from 1/7.5 to 1/100


  1. single output shaft kit
  2. double output shaft kit
  3. torque arms
  4. Cover
  5. reducing bushing kit


2 Reducers Worm


Reducers Worm CH                               

Housing in cast aluminum

Sizes: 030 - 040 - 050 - 06 - 07 - 080

Ratios from 1/7 a 1/100


  1. single output shaft kit
  2. double output shaft kit
  3. torque arms
  4. Cover
  5. reducing bushing kit



3 Speed variators


  Speed variators CHV

New speed variators line with oil bath lubrication CHV series

sizes 02-05-10-20-30-50,

the main characteristics are the following:

Speed range 1:5
Smooth and silent running
Increasing torque at low speed
High efficiency
Input and output flange B5
Compact design
Aluminium cases sizes 02-05-10
RAL 9022 grey painted
Ratings from 0.18 to 4 kW
Output speed from 170 to 1000 rpm / 1 '
torsion torques from 1.5 to 64 Nm


4 Helical Gearboxes


Helical Gearboxes CHC

The new series of helical gearboxes called CHC, is an innovative and modular.
Because of the integrated engine IEC B5 and B14, can be connected to different types of engines, normal brake.
This type of gear is widely used in textiles, food, wine, chemicals, packaging, etc..

principal characteristic:

high efficiency
low noise
universal mounting
Aluminum body, low weight
Hardened gears, ground
permanent lubrication
The CHC gearboxes are manufactured in 5 sizes
Powers from 0.12 to 4 kW
ratios from 5 to 46
Maximum torque at 120-500 Nm
They can be mounted (on foot or flange) in all positions according to customer requirements.

5 Electric Motors


  Electric Motors CHT   

The CHT series engines are created to be applied to the gearbox and therefore have mechanical and electrical characteristics particularly suited to this purpose.
All our motors are IP55, Class F insulation with phase separator to be used with variable frequency, in this case can be supplied with an external fan.
The engine as the gears are painted with epoxy powder gray RAL 9022.
Squirrel-cage, closed with external surface ventilation.
Design, construction and testing in compliance with CEI2-3, the international standards IEC 34-1 and the main foreign standards.
Power-sizes according to IEC 72 standards, national standards UNEL-MEC.
Class F insulation
protection IP55
Continuous duty S1
European Directive, RoHS 2002/95/EC
Phase separators
Powers from 0.09 to 9.2 KW


6 Right angle gear units precision


Right angle gear units precision CHT

The right angle  CHT-RB and CHT-RP series are designed for industrial applications.
The right angle-RB series CHT and CHT-RP are designed for industrial applications.
Where they are used correctly it is necessary to transmit a rotary power between shafts at right angles.
Are available in different sizes with two or three outputs and a transmission ratio, 1/1 - 1/2 - 1/3.

7 Mechanical jacks



Mechanical jacks CHT

The new line of mechanical jacks called CHT, Chiaravalli High Tech, completes the range of products for the mechanical transmission.

The new product line is manufactured with materials of high quality products with absolute precision, taking advantage of modern machinery Chiaravalli.

The basic elements that make up the final product cylinders are produced in large quantities, strictly controlled with a fast ship to go against the needs of the customer.



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