KRE -PP Stud type track rollers    
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Stud type track rollers KRE PP

Stud type track rollers KRE -PP with axial guidance, with eccentric collar, plastic axial plain washers on both sides



code outer Stud width
    mm   mm
 Stud type track rollers KRE16-PP 16 M6 28
 Stud type track rollers KRE19-PP 19 M8 32
 Stud type track rollers KRE22-PP 22 M10 36
 Stud type track rollers KRE26-PP 26 M10 36
 Stud type track rollers KRE30-PP 30 M12 40
 Stud type track rollers KRE32-PP 32 M12 40
 Stud type track rollers KRE35-PP 35 M16 52
 Stud type track rollers KRE40-PP 40 M18 58
 Stud type track rollers KRE47-PP 47 M20 66
 Stud type track rollers KRE52-PP 52 M20 66
 Stud type track rollers KRE62-PP 62 M24 80
 Stud type track rollers KRE72-PP 72 M24 80
 Stud type track rollers KRE80-PP 80 M30 100
 Stud type track rollers KRE90-PP 90 M30 100





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