KRVE Stud type track rollers    
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Stud type track rollers KRVE

Stud type track rollers KRVE with axial guidance, full complement needle roller set, with eccentric collar, gap seals on both sides.



code outer Stud width
    mm   mm
 Stud type track rollers KRVE16 16 M6 28
 Stud type track rollers KRVE19 19 M8 32
 Stud type track rollers KRVE22 22 M10 36
 Stud type track rollers KRVE26 26 M10 36
 Stud type track rollers KRVE30 30 M12 40
 Stud type track rollers KRVE32 32 M12 40
 Stud type track rollers KRVE35 35 M16 52
 Stud type track rollers KRVE40 40 M18 58
 Stud type track rollers KRVE47 47 M20 66
 Stud type track rollers KRVE52 52 M20 66
 Stud type track rollers KRVE62 62 M24 80
 Stud type track rollers KRVE72 72 M24 80
 Stud type track rollers KRVE80 80 M30 100
 Stud type track rollers KRVE90 90 M30 100




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